Earned 8 awards and 2 scholarships during PhD and 4 awards during Postdoc

2019 Finalist in the Asian Deans’ Forum “Rising Starts Women in Engineering”

2019 MGH Research Institute Postdoctoral division Travel Award ($1,000)

2018 Poster Award (Honorable mention), MGH Research Fellow Poster                     

2018 Poster Award (1st Place, Travel Grant $1,000), MGH Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) meeting                        

2017 Masoumeh Ghaderi Prize for Best Sound-Bite Presentation (1st Place, $1,000), 5th Annual Workshop on Micro- and Nanotechnologies for Medicine: Emerging Frontiers and Applications

2016 DSM Science & Technology Award (Finalist), American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Annual Meeting

2016 Poster Award (2nd place), MIT Polymer Day Symposium

2015 MRS Poster Award Winner (1st place), MRS Fall meeting

2015 Best Presentation of Biomaterials I session, AIChE Annual Meeting 

2015 Poster Award (Honorable mention), MIT Polymer Day Symposium   

2014 Poster Award (3rd place, Travel Grant $1,000), MIT BioMAN & CASSS Summit     

2014 KSEA-KUSCO Graduate Scholarship ($2,500), Korean-American Science Engineering Association (KSEA) & Korea-US Science Cooperation Center (KUSCO)

2014 Golden Beaver Student Leader Award, MIT Student Activities Office      

2013 Poster Award (3rd place), MIT Sloan Healthcare & Bioinnovations Conference  

2013 Poster Award (3rd place), MIT ChemE Practice School Annual Meeting 

2013 Graduate Scholarship ($10,000), Mokam Life Science Research Center, Green Cross Holding Corp. 

2010 Merrill Presidential Scholarship, Cornell University           

2010 College Name Banner Bearer for the 142th commencement, Cornell University

2009 Summer research fellowship, Intel Corporation and Cisco, Cornell University 

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